Josa Barck Shares ‘Everybody Everywhere’. Maybe To You. Maybe To Her. Maybe To Him.

Josa Barck’s ‘Everybody Everywhere’ sets the tone for the intrinsic asterisk to that old connections we all can relate to. It’s about greed, really. And ‘greed’ is what we, as humans, do so well sometimes. It’s a productive sentiment. It’s a motivating sentiment. It’s a tool and fuel for what we strive for.


Destruction and malevolence can be highlighted by that cause. That relationship and that reaction to that fight for love-survival is deep. You must wear that ‘armor’ for protection. You must wear that ‘armor’ for aggression. You must wear that ‘armor’ for the prolonged evisceration to come.

Maybe to you.

Maybe to her.

Maybe to him.

Your scars from battle will be evident.

“I believe that the search of love and recognition is one of our main driving forces. It reveals the most beautifull as well as the saddest sides of us all. It makes us work way harder than we should, stresses us out, makes us do horrible things to each other, and even sometimes forget why we even do what we do.”

“I think the world is an unbelievably wonderful place – And my love of it all creates this restless need to be everywhere, all the time, just to be able to grasp everything. I recognize the search for love as a driving force behind everything I do, but I am beginning to learn, that the search of love, is not so much about chasing something I lack in my life, as it is about perceiving the love that I am slowly realizing, is everywhere all the time too. Like being stressed out, in a wonderfully beautiful way – and being busy for the right reasons.”

‘Everybody Everywhere’ is a part of the upcoming album, slated to drop Fall of 2018.


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