Josa Barck ‘The Future’ : Danceable funk of a single that translates anywhere and anyhow.

Josa Barck

“It was quite clear for us, as soon as we started the recordings,” said Josa Barck. “There seemed to be just one direction to take this song, no matter what we threw after it, there was really just one way to go. As soon as we gave up trying to force it somewhere else, things felt really quickly into place… We decided to just go along with it, and to go all-in – it’s the most clean-cut track we made so far, and we are honestly having so much fun.”

After a year with a slight writer’s block, Josa Barck has had the time to contemplate his songwriting process. “I’ve learned the importance of setting my songs free, and not having too many expectations and attitudes beforehand, regarding where a song is supposed to go.”

The new single has the energy and optimism known from previous Josa Barck releases, but with the lyrical and melodically talented as the pushy vocals in a much tighter context. The understated and effervescence brooding that artists like Prince, David Bowie and David Byrne brings to the table, ‘The Future’ is a fabulously danceable funk of a single that translates anywhere and anyhow.

Well. Let’s dance. You gotta.


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