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Joseph Marcus – Take It Slow

Joseph Marcus’ single ‘Take It Slow’ brings to the fore the negativity that surrounds a lot of our world of culture and community. Joseph stated: “…we have put on us as young people in the world today negatively influence or tarnish something special you’ve found with someone. I don’t believe a relationship should always have to be an end game, and if you’re feeling good in the moment and you have a real balance with someone, I think it’s worth relishing in that rather than worrying about what it might be in the future.” Of the current. Of the ‘now’. Being honorable to yourself, in knowledge and in trying to be the brightest light, you can be. A positive energy in sound and music from Joseph, indeed. The warm and infectious groove, successfully delegates that in ‘Take It Slow’. A song to take into heart, and master as time rolls on. ‘Take It Slow’ was produced by Wilhelm (Josh Scarbrow).

Freda James – Just Like Wind

Exquisite in every way, the mahogany vibe of FREDA JAMES’ single ‘Just Like Wind’ is pure pleasure. The modern and minimal purity of this single is powered by the female voice of empowerment and thrust of what the other half can do. No pretense, no existentially frivolous pandering, Freda’s majestic voice and her consuming nature comes through the speakers as smooth as honey. Brooklyn raised, but now based in Los Angeles since 2017, taking the momentum from her successful single ‘Pushing You Away’, she’d published her first EP ‘A Woman Alone’ this summer. Co-written with Chrome Sparks & Dave Weingarten, for ‘Just Like Wind’, the supple running of the song goes from strength to strength as the ever present voice of Freda captures your soul and convinces you of the love that can be achieved out there. Freda’s voice is love. Freda’s voice is woman. Freda is for all.

Hypergoods – MOVES

Dutch electro-pop trio HYPERGOODS’ latest single ‘Moves’ is all of the things that we feel and think of in that fabulous moment of passion. Lust and emotions intertwine in a dance of recognition and jealousy. Jealous of not being close enough to whom you lust. Lusting over the euphoria we search long and hard for in the life’s journey. And when that time of ecstasy comes upon you, it’s time to strike. It’s time to strike like lightning and of majestic certitude. HYPERGOODS debuted in 2016 with their first EP ‘Land of Nowhere’. And come 2019, the outfit takes another multiple steps forward with a new fresh style and outputs, working with Brussels producer Mathieu Grillo. ‘Moves’ is a follow up to their singles ‘Brainwashdance’ and ‘Virus’. The band consists of: Elke Donkers, Renee Verleg, and Jordie Rovers.

Galla – Recognized

GALLA is a project of Joe Begalla. Atmospheric and pop, the electro based lyrical visions offers an airy and delightful capture of hearts aflutter. A symposium of thoughts and possibilities, the subtle and understated anthem brings us, the listeners, back to basics of communication with our deepest restrictions and ultimate sanities. ‘Recognized’ is: “a critique on those who say anything to get attention,” stated Joe. “It’s about choosing integrity in a world that seems to be ignoring it.” Reality says and demonstrates otherwise. It’s always been ‘eat or be eaten’ kind of world. But as civilization progresses, will our cave man/woman brains relent just enough to establish such affection and empathy for self and for others? Hard to say. But GALLA seems to think it’s worth being positive that we, as a society, can become more civil and ‘choose to side with integrity’. Word. ‘Recognized’ is off of Joe’s latest EP ‘Baby Joe’.

Kyan Palmer – Headcase (with nicopop.)

KYAN PALMER & nicopop. are a duo to be reckoned with. The long time collaborators just know how to do things right. Arizona bred and Los Angeles based KYAN PALMER has been on a tear with his debut EP ‘Burn Mona Lisa’. And dang it, he keeps pushing the limits with works that are fabulous and decadent – as per ‘Headcase’. The soulful offering is a dancey pop single that is enlightens your heart as it firmly grasps your mind, for a deep trip into another world. Hooks, just pop out of the passages as nicopop.’s futuristic production keeps the sun, shining into this 2019 summer. nicopop. explained: “We have a similar work ethic and taste pallets that compliment each other really nicely in the studio…I truly feel that when Kyan and I work together, we make the music we’ve always wanted to be making.” And isn’t that what this profession should be about? Heck yes.


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