Joseph of Mercury Returns To Us With Another Gem, ‘Over and Over’.

JOSEPH OF MERCURY is a project for love, loss, pain, disparity, and understanding. It is a part of the dream sequence, brought upon the underlying character of the artist, and counter-intuitive play between sanity and reality. For reality is what you make it. And in many of JOM’s singles, that descriptive narrational powers protrude succinctly, through beautiful ellipses of sound and lyrics.

That tradition continues with ‘Over And Over’.

The song presents the drizzly magnificence which we’d seen in George Michael’s performances in the past, within the frame of an outright pertinence during an exact footprint in time. The time travel is ornate, and the presumption of emotions, just cascade dangerously through JOM’s magnificent word play.

‘Over And Over’ is gorgeous, in that kind of light.

We’d first gotten to hear JOM’s first single a year ago, and to this day, whenever he offers the world his music, we listen and become perplexed at the kind of emotive talents he possesses. He continues that thoughtfulness with utter impressive power through contrasts and similarities.

And we’re on board.


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