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Joseph Of Mercury Shares ‘Pretenders’. “When you’ve got it, you’ve got it.”

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. And Joseph Of Mercury’s got it in spades.

‘Pretenders’ is a step back into the past-future of music, harking back to a time-line of Bowie, George Michael, and Prince. Love and fire, dance in a hurricane of existence within this single.

Based out of Toronto, Joseph Of Mercury is a beautifully set project and has been ever since the beginning.

We’d stated about him that he: “…digs in the nails of destiny, forcing that hand of lust – predicting the meeting of skin, on skin…[with] emphatic audible declaration through this song is evident. The sweltering lust, humid and weighty is palpable.”

Joseph Of Mercury is a project for love, loss, pain, disparity, and understanding. It is a part of the dream sequence, brought upon the underlying character of the artist, and counter-intuitive play between sanity and reality. For reality is what you make it. And in many of JOM’s singles, that descriptive narrational powers protrude succinctly, through beautiful ellipses of sound and lyrics.

From an on-and-off romance, ‘Pretenders’ bloomed from his heart and then into a personal law. A ‘grand divide’ appeared from a day’s interaction, without drama. A gentle slide of ice sheets, colliding in passion, any longer – two masses of energy and offerings, drifting and drifting slowly away.

“You’re being told that the feelings are real, it just can’t be open right now,” Joseph recalled. “How much longer can that go on while you still convince yourself that it’s true? My songs often have a lot of yearning in them, but I aspire for them to also have a touch of hope. Things seem so impossible, but you feel like it’s a distance that can be closed.”

Funk and groove, tells it like it is in this fabulous single. An 90’s gift of solace and dance, ‘Pretenders’ is expressed with expert romance and story telling.

Joseph Of Mercury is the project of Joseph W. Salusbury. And you’re in for a fabulous ride, once more.


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