Joseph Sant ‘Osprey’ : The wisps of sanity, swirl with anticipation.

Joseph Sant

‘Osprey’ is a single off of Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Joseph Sant’s new upcoming EP. It displays Josephs salient inner knowledge for something bigger and bolder. While proposing a valiant existence, surviving and then thriving, for an urgency for the place just over the horizon.

“Growing up I remember learning about astronomers from a few centuries ago,” said Joseph about ‘Osprey’. “In the stories they gaze up at the stars and have that odd feeling of being crushed by the infinite nature of the stars they were studying. They called that feeling the ‘sublime’. Today, a sublime feeling awaits those who look out on humanity’s horizon and see the many possible cataclysmic futures we might bring on ourselves.”

Joseph continued: “It feels like a screwed up modern descendant of those ancient emotions: a glimpse of the infinite potential of what humanity could be, betraying itself. What does it mean when you glimpse that future, then have to look back at your own little sphere of existence, trying to live a good life of love?”


Swaying weeping willows of heart strings, dangle with smiles and unobtrusive promises. The wisps of sanity, swirl with anticipation.


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