Joseph Wayne Miller ‘Apartment Song’ : Engrained in the supple vocals and enlightenment

Joseph Wayne Miller

Joseph Wayne Miller is a proponent of love and its highest qualities. The singer/songwriter from Texas brings such lovely harmonies of life and attitude to his lyrics. A contentious segment of living in this world, is made better by the exuding gratitude of song like ‘Apartment Song’.

‘Apartment Song’ is the 6th installment of a 10 song album that Joseph Wayne Miller. An introspective & lush country/folk ballad, the single, is a walk in the park of gorgeous expressions of honesty and truth, as the heart of the protagonist deems it to be.

A heart-felt aggression for what matters the most, is engrained in the supple vocals and enlightenment of the song’s lyrics. The big guy with an even bigger heart for claiming emotions, beautifully offer sights and sounds of glory in package full of revelry.


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