Joseph Wayne Miller ‘Damage’ : Claiming emotions, beautifully offer sights and sounds of glory.

Joseph Wayne Miller / Photo: Margarita Orlov

There are singers and there are lyricists. And there are poets and there are mixes of the former, in kind. We think in ‘Damage’ Joesph Wayne Miller is all of those and more. A resounding volume of meaning and definition, cultivates effortlessly in his construction and delivery. Topped off by Joseph’s foreboding and ominously comforting folk vocals, deliberating in grandeur, there is just too much to praise and enjoy.

‘Damage’ was recorded at AudioStyles in Dripping Springs with the help of Peter Wierenga and Taylor Tatsch. It’s Joseph’s 5th consecutive single, part of a series that’ll ultimately be an album.

Joseph is based from Dallas, Texas and he is currently releasing his 4th album in a series of distinct singles. And with that, we can listen and take into heart, the multi-talented goodness of the man.

The big guy with an even bigger heart for claiming emotions, beautifully offer sights and sounds of glory in package full of revelry.


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