Josh Fudge ‘Four Leaf Clover’ : Boldly composited … vex with glittering astonishment.

Josh Fudge / Photo: Nathan Black

Seventeen year old artist from the OKC (Oklahoma City) make quick work of our imaginations with ‘Four Leaf Clover’. The vastly talented solo singer/songwriter’s lyrics and arrangement is just simply top-shelf.

Following up his single ‘Lilac’, ‘Four Leaf Clover’ continues with beautiful containment of emotions, as the boldly composited angles of love and loss and opportunities, vex with glittering astonishment. His latest EP ‘Flora’ is a 4 track journey, which is outrageously tight and intelligent in its artistic fervor.

“This song is about developing a distaste for someone, and beginning to believe that what you had was not as special as you had once thought,” said Josh. “… This song serves as a stage of denial in the EP, as it constantly claims that the person you thought you loved is very replaceable, even if that may not be true.”


Look for much from Josh in the coming years.

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So… "Lilac" dropped today. It hardly even feels real. I've poured my heart and soul into this song, and the rest of the songs in my EP that you guys will see soon. I've grown so much because of this project. "Lilac" was my first song produced with @logan_bruhn , and I'm so incredibly thankful. There are so many other amazing people who have touched this project in so many different ways. @tylersextonokc thinks about guitar in a way I never could. @kaledumas has some of the best creative feedback and ideas the world has ever seen, and @jhakobih on the drums, are you kidding me? And on top of it all, I've gotten to work at @33rdstreetstudio ,which has quickly become my happy place. I'm so incredibly grateful to share this song with you, and there's more coming in the near future. I've been working hard, and I'll only continue to work harder. Comment down below what you guys think about "Lilac", and keep your eyes peeled for new music coming very very soon 😉 . 📸: @nathanwithacamera , give this guy a follow, his photography is amazing. . And lastly, shoutout to @queen.mccorkle for the album art 🙂 . #stepup #localmusic #localartist #localart #okc #33rdstreetstudios #production #smallartist #grind #riseandgrind #hardwork #flora #newEP #extendedplay #alternative #indie #altpop #spotify #applemusic #playlists #cantwait #gethype #excited #ginger #joshfudge #brandnew

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