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Josh Rennie-Hynes Shares ‘Chapter’. “Sophistication. Understanding. Modern Delight.”

Sophistication is a hallmark of JOSH RENNIE-HYNES’ single ‘Chapter’. The indie folk/rock extravaganza is chock full of tight progressions, emulsive emotions, lyrical poetry, and beautifully expressive vocal attentions by Josh.

The Australian who now lives in Nashville has a plan and is willing to push it all through to fruition.

‘Chapter’ has been one of his recent singles in this nascent journey, and has been fawned over by many outlets. And that includes us at CHF as well.

Josh cited: “When I moved to Nashville, I think I knew one or two people. It was all quite unknown to me but that’s what I loved about it. Artistically and personally, I was ready for something new.”

No slouch when it comes to going with the flow and taking in the positive energies given out by his current environment, in East Nashville, he did just that, for art sake and his music.

“I’d check out shows constantly,” said Josh of the experience, “then I’d wake up every morning and play my guitar, and something always seemed to come through. Songs started piecing themselves together, and eventually, I had enough to start putting together the record and figuring out who I wanted to play on it with me.”

Layers of guitar, keys, driving percussion, and persuasive story telling cements all of the angles to ‘Chapter’ to bring it to top shelf excellence.

Josh’s masculine and understanding vocals, combine effortlessly to squeeze out every notion of the story’s experience. The curated thoughts are then supplanted with vibrant chord strums and steely personality, to keep you engaged.

‘Chapter’ is a song made in classic country but very much a modern delight.



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