Josh Thorpe ‘Down to the Ground’ : Delivering ample highlighting of feelings of revelry to the fore.

Josh Thorpe

‘Love & Weather’ (Feb 5th) the next album to be offered to the world by Josh Thorpe, is captured in a soft spoken vibe of one of the songs within. And in that sliver of thought and anthem, ‘Down to the Ground’ manages to shake and rattle our inhibitions like wind to branches of an autumn blanketed tree.

The Glasgow-based Canadian artist, glitters in the vacuum of ‘Down to The Ground’.

Thorpe takes cues from Toronto’s underground music scene ranging from Eric Chenaux to Sandro Perri and Jennifer Castle.

Converging the edges of sound, Josh’s understated tones bring the subtle ambience of bands like Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile to a unique crescendo for description in pleasure and pain.

‘Down to the Ground’ excels in this department, delivering ample highlighting of feelings of revelry to the fore.

Let’s groove.


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