Josh Tobias ‘Loving You Crazy’ : Living and breathing and creatin’.

Derive with delightful poses of angst and gleeful thankfulness.

Josh Tobias

Living and breathing and creatin’ from Long Island, New York, Josh Tobias began his career learning guitar from his father Toby Tobias. While living in Brooklyn through his early 20s, Josh balanced his time creating music and working as a social worker making the music schedule for a home that housed mentally handicapped people.

In 2015 Josh launched onto the indie scene with single ‘Beachside Lover’, a funk-infused retro RnB record that has accumulated millions of total plays. Josh’s acoustic pop single ‘Summer Thing’, has been spun on Sirius XM Hits 1 and featured on well-known YouTube tastemaker channel Chill Nation. His bluesy pop single “Losing Sleep” premiered on Spotify’s New Music Friday South Africa.

And in his latest single ‘Loving You Crazy’ (his 27th released), inspired by someone in his real life, throws out whatever anxieties that the world might hurl at him and says “take your best shot, world”.

The honesty of words, with the funky grooves of the guitar, mix genuinely and purposefully while marching to Josh’s own beats. His life takes and opinions, derive with delightful poses of angst and gleeful thankfulness.




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