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Josh Tobias // Nylon Otters // David Ayscue // A.D.K.O.B. // Julia Rakel

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Josh Tobias – Follow The River

Based out of Long Island, New York, Josh Tobias dove right into the indie scene in 2015 with ‘Beachside Lover’. Now, fast forward to 2019, and he’s up in arms (dang, he should be) with ‘Follow The River’. A quasi-drift down life’s river of happiness, solitude, bumps and all of the bruises, Josh keeps the boat smoothly strolling, with deep bass chants and a sultry soundscape of hillsides and beautiful suggestions. What a concept.

Nylon Otters – Goldilocks

NYLON OTTERS is a trip from the past. And just like a refreshing hot bath, all of the grime from the playground, drops off, one drop by drop, as ‘Goldilocks’ plays in the foreground. The Buffalo ensemble isn’t anything about the conventional. The project is a salvo across the bow of your forgotten laurels. An expedient revelry to a scene of mass perception and a basement’s caviar dreams. Legend says that the band is made up of Logan Ross, Emmett O’Connell, and Kyle Pawlowski. And when they play, it can snow inside your mind. The shimmer and gray-glitz of ‘Goldilocks’ brought us here. And we’re staying.

David Ayscue – Penny

“I wrote this song during my junior year of college, feeling completely lost,” stated DAVID AYSCUE. “I didn’t know what I was doing there or where it was leading & felt like I was grasping at straws. This song is about waking up to the beauty around us–turning away from the overthinking, constantly analyzing, scrutinizing mind–and realizing that the world outside is so much more interesting than our own inner struggles, as oddly alluring as their darkness may be.” Beautiful sentiments are hard to pretend. Honesty and an all encompassing desperation for the right combination of words to be expressed, is what a compelling song is all about. David searches for an answer, as we all do, to guide and maybe enlighten our path in this world. He isn’t one to be overtly unrealistic, but he’s a dreamer and a romantic, and for now, his only outlet to call on the whims of the Universe, is through his music. The Universe is listening to the Los Angeles based artist. We’re very certain.

A.D.K.O.B. – Chalkline

A.D.K.O.B is a Sydney-based musical project by Mark Piccles. With a full holster of new-wave sensibilities, and alt-rock bullets of lyrics, the band is a fascinating amalgamation of tunes that can be your companion in your darker days. ‘Chalkline’ is the 1st single from the second EP “Nothing Is A Waste Of Time” (May 2019) and when the single speaks to you (and it will) the dancing feet of yours will quote you the prose from a decades’ past. The much supported band, keeps the ball rolling, with delicious earworm hooks and tantalizing pop hints. Let’s go.

Julia Rakel – PDFILWM

Umeå-via-Malmö Swedish musician/producer JULIA RAKEL is dang approachable. Well, at least that’s how we feel, when we listen to her songs. And in her debut single ‘PDFILWM’ is a dang close demonstration. The acronym stands for ‘Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me’, and whether in a stuper of being secluded in her bedroom producing, but as the words state, it is a ballad of sorts, and an open letter to her emotions of possibilities. “This song is a sad one, with happy wrappings,” stated Julia. “A celebration of friendships yet also a lament about the hardships of losing someone dear. All in E major. With quite lame wind instruments and anticlimactic choruses I’ve tried to create something beautiful out of something difficult.” But the technical description belies the underneath meaning of a sullied and never properly vetted tinges of doubts. Ain’t that the truth? She is approachable, in the highest order.


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