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Josh Warren // Angeles County // The Skipping Stones // Parts // Juiceboxxx

Josh Warren – Player Pianos

Off of the upcoming album ‘There’s Room Enough For All Of Us’, JOSH WARREN’s kaleidoscope of expressions rebound and reflect through his understated but foreged vocals in ‘Player Pianos’. The tantamount emphasis on accents of the hip and now, come to a micro-tantrum of tales that have made it selectively satisfying to live in this world he’s created. With glimmering guitar strums and pace, the tantric accompaniment of sound and meaning, glance upon the shimmering rocks of at the shore, without a care, but oh so significant to your heart of hearts. About his album, Josh said: “The album is a collection of 15 songs which are broken into 8 instrumentals and 7 lyric-based tracks. The hybridity of the album, for me, is meant to break down the binary between instrumental and lyrical music.” The vibrancy from the Nashville artist is refreshing and refreshingly diverse. His composition seems to be a straight on indie-folk rockin’ offering, but hidden in plain sight is a David Gray-like thrust and honesty that is a pleasure to listen to. Josh added: “‘Player Pianos’ is a commentary on the dangerous, destructive, yet addictive elements that are written into the DNA of American culture.”

Angeles County – Nicotine

Meehan Rasch and Lauren Steely make up the heart behind the project named ANGELES COUNTY. And off of the debut EP ‘Raised Clean’, the lights of the city and the calmness of the alternative plains of the west, come to life in the folds of the single ‘Nicotine’. The dusty road of the highway is an obvious subject and character of the concept, where lives are deviated, changed, and influenced by life’s bumps and bruises. All is healed with love and affection, then delivered into a new chapter to conquer, where devices of attention and empathy cross to make the life of redemption a constant companion. It’s a story of positivity, in an often harsher world. Mental and emotional calamities dwell on the shoulder of compatriots, but somehow, at the end of all of the struggles, we manage to survive – then thrive. Just like Meehan and Lauren. The band stated the album “‘Raised Clean’ is a slice of queer Americana and rootsy alt rock inspired by small towns, trucks..” Oh yes. Can’t get any better than that.

The Skipping Stones – Lonesome Homesick Blues

Katie Maginel (fiddle) and Jacob “Cub Wyse” Wysoski (guitar) are THE SKIPPING STONES. Traditional folk. Traditional bluegrass. Country through and through, as the winds blow through the crystal crevasses of Appalachia. Authenticity and modern elements in lyrics, tang this single ‘Lonesome Homesick Blues’ to the core of its existence. The hurt, the regrets, the unalterable past come colliding at the street of this palpable and poignant. The Norwich, Connecticut based artists bring American music to the fore with harmonies of the old, keeping it as fiery and decadent as it can be. The rich vocals call on the ghosts of the forever living past musicians, giving homage with distinct honor and beauty. The music Katie and Jacob creates are humble, fresh, and stress free – even if the subject aren’t. The ultimate tradition in ‘rolling with life’s punches’. The way it should be. Kudos.

Parts – False Dreams

Bar Huss (Guitars and Vocals), Ben Kohavi (Bass and Vocals) and Yuval Adam (Drums and Sampler) are PARTS. With the crack of emotive lightning, the Israel based indie band, delivers a dramatic and cinematic performance in their single ‘False Dreams’. With the tart and sweet, mixed in the frame of lives that cross and uncross through spans of time and space. Urgency and dictators of such demands, are relative in such a gap. And as the band explores the cumulative surrealism and avant-garde tales of what goes on in the real world, each cell of their thought and iteration, are sucked back where they seemed to have always belonged. In stasis…in common orders…waiting for new opportunities. The succinct pace of life is depicted in the music video as the the song from the album ‘Pleasure As Pain’ is a ‘celebration in contrasts. The band stated: “Fusing the rhythmic with the morose, electronic with acoustic, its music can start from hovering keyboards and melancholic cellos and suddenly crash into distorted guitars and psychedelic studio stunts.” We sometimes live in a chaotic soup of intentions and unintelligible. PARTS wants us to figure it out. For the betterment of it all.

Juiceboxxx – Coinstar Song

“I love the most brand new rap and electronic music but there is still a place in my heart for The Breeders and Lou Reed and all that,” said JUICEBOXXX. “Just pop music in general, from all eras. I’ve spent a lot of time playing with noise and punk bands but ultimately going forward I’m interested in making music that can speak to a wide spectrum of people.” That tells you a lot of where the artist comes and goes from here. ‘Coinstar Song’ is of real-life. It’s a microcosm of what a person can go through, while thinking about what he’s done with the years that cannot be reclaimed any longer. But through it all, JUICEBOXXX is a message of peace and positivity. ‘Coinstar Song’ touches upon a remote corner of a possible nihilism that has bled into the the corners of an over consumed soul. The way life has dealt him a beating, has always been on his mind; though never forgetting. Within the protagonist, though it all, lie that seed for the ‘happiness’ and ‘satisfaction’ that had come visited here and there. But never really stayed for long. But his time, after this coin exchange, it’ll get better. It always does for a time. JUICEBOXXX is uber-talented and can do anything with music that he wants to do. Look out for even greater things as the Milwaukee Wisconsin native gets his bit between his teeth deep into the upcoming summer.


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