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joshu // Czar Brown // Intrinsic // RJ Pasin & AK40DEVIN // Lowkey Lu

joshu – withyou featuring Joey Jester

Reality and love. Success and failure. Each and every one of those excuses, doesn’t carry weight with joshu. And with his friend and vocalist Joey Jester, his love for his girl is brightly expressed in this single ‘withyou’. The 26 year old based in Georgia, loves his girl and in this fanciful serenade of beats, dub, and auto-tuned affection, he shouts to the world his feelz. Lucky gal, no? And yes. It is a love song for a love partner. Safe to say we, as humans, do this kind of thing for the girl/guy we love, a lot. But with clean production and a genuineness that is also crystal, we think it’s something we all can emulate and discover. Good going joshu.

Czar Brown – Class Clown

With a familiar classic music start, CZAR BROWN, drops the gauntlet on the students out there who are eager to see what he could bring. In ‘Class Clown’ he brings the heat, as the slow banger, grillz you a new premonition for the new beat that you seek. It’s a ‘not so faint’ tale for the goodness in our individual hearts. But at the same time, it is the picture for what we do (or not do) to make things better for the future. Czar asks the question “Will you step up to the plate? Will you swing for the fences, now? If not, then when?” Word.

Intrinsic – The Big Shot

Minnesota. INTRINSIC. Reed Jacobs. Boom. That was the sound of the world exploding with the rhyme dropped by Intrinsic. One, to one, to one, to one – a word linked by the halo of the heavens, with quirky sensibilities that makes sense, for some reason. Like having ice cream with hot apple pie, the sweetness is churned with the coolness of the beats that hits you with a hammer. You smile. Then you scream: “Reed! What have you done to us!!” All is f*cked up, until it all makes sense; and with ‘The Big Shot’ it’s that warm feeling of what hiphop has and could be again. Have no fear, INTRINSIC is here, and his brand of rap is where it’s at. Keep it real, homey. Debut EP ‘Exemplified’ is available now.

RJ Pasin & AK40DEVIN – All I Have Left (Feat. James Knucks)

Pushed and shoved, the streets were harsh. Questions about existence, warped under the heated weight of life. RJ PASIN & AK40DEVIN drives this narrative of commentaries, chapters on chapters of musings and promises. What is that last shot? What is that last thing that will help you do what you need to do? What will get you to do the thing that you love to do? Perspectives dilute through the lens of noise. Life has many things that makes clarity difficult. From internal voices to external distractions, the only salvation comes after experience and knowledge in the fact that taking a calculated leap towards something better, is where it’s at. Instrumentals by RJ PASIN. Rap/Lyrics by AK40DEVIN. Vocals by James Knucks.

Lowkey Lu – Keep It Real

It’s not only about race. It’s always about being unique and outside of the norm. LOWKEY LU was that kid who was different in the streets of Ireland. Love of rap, and the flow of his heart, accelerated his pure drive to drop songs of passion. Limerick City Ireland based artist comes at us with ‘Keep It Real’, and in it he tells of a part of his life that was both impressionable and dynamic. The lows and the highs was a natural course of things, but the through it all, LL kept his cool and continued to seek his real self. After successes with his band ‘A Less Civilised Era’, he began production on his debut EP ‘The Manor St.’ Solo, determined, he comes to 2019 with vigor and focus.


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