Joshua Hyslop ‘Gentle Heart’ : “Even though we may feel alone, we’re in this together.”

Joshua Hyslop

Joshua Hyslop’s single ‘Gentle Heart’ is the warm glowing guiding light of that candle light, just at the edges of the table and of our nervous trepidations.

“I hope it connects with each one of you wherever you’re at,” said Joshua. “I had no idea we’d be in the midst of a global pandemic when I wrote it. I was just inspired by my friend. But holding onto hope in what can certainly feel like a hopeless time seems more applicable now than ever.”

“I wrote Gentle Heart for a friend who was going through a rough time. He was talking about moving forward even though it felt hopeless because hope is always there, and that really inspired me. To me, this song is about persisting in the face of difficulties even when they seem insurmountable. I had no idea we would be facing a global pandemic before it was released. The idea of holding onto hope even when it may feel far away is even more applicable now and it’s my wish that this song could bring some peace and comfort to anyone who’s feeling hopeless. Even though we may feel alone, we’re in this together.”

A song of positivity, even in the tears of our existence, Joshua’s beautiful lyrics, exaltant in the friendly aperture of our limited hearts, radiate with genuine kindness. There will be no permanent darkness, if you have me. I of you. Us with all of you.

Joshua hails from Vancouver, Canada. His music, is for our hearts, everywhere.


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