Joshua Hyslop ‘Let It Rain’ : Truth of love and empathy pours from his lyrical and vocal expressions, with ease.

Joshua Hyslop

Joshua hails from Vancouver, Canada. His music, is for our hearts, everywhere. “I often deal with depression and one of the ways it manifests in my life is an overwhelming feeling of numbness. I’m trying to be more positive in those moments, recognizing that I can’t avoid the storms but also trying hard to stay present and remain hopeful through them.”

Joshua worked with musicians including John Raham, Darren Parris, Chris Gestrin, Paul Rigby, and Matt Kelly. “We had so much fun. It was a great reminder of how powerfully music can communicate, how it can heal, and how much that means to me. ‘Let it Rain’ is a song about mental health.”

“Many thanks to everyone who was involved in the creation and release of this track: Nettwerk Records, Afterlife Studios, Sterling Sound, all the amazing musicians who played with me and my friend Alie for her amazing artwork.”

With a feeling of an ocean behind you, ‘Let It Rain’ is confidence of things ‘becoming alright, once more’. That life isn’t as bad as it’s been. It will be better.

Joshua’s truth of love and empathy pours from his lyrical and vocal expressions, with ease.

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