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Joshua Hyslop – One Shot In The Darkness

Beautiful single ‘One Shot In The Darkness’ comes from artist JOSHUA HYSLOP. The Americana/indie-folk is drenched in Joshua’s songwriting skills that just oozes with charisma. The classically constructed single lives as a testament to taking chances for love or passion. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, ‘One Shot In The Darkness’ prescribes a sense of wonder and amazement at the ‘everyday’ risk taking of ourselves. There will always be excuses to ponder. There will only be this one chance for greater glory. Whatever that may mean to you. See singer/songwriter Joshua Hyslop next at Stir Studio in Albert Canada June 13th.

TANGLERS – Tallboy

Formed in that fateful year, 2016, group of persons identifying themselves as ‘friends’ of each other, named their pact, TANGLERS. And with that, like a birth of a nation, philosophically the band worked to work out he vibe of the new coalition. Self described as ‘wonderfully dysfunctional’, the band of brothers turn out addictive and charming singles that traverse and leap away from the conventional. Fun songs like ‘Tallboy’ are readily produced by this 6-some, and the talented bunch wrestle out subject in deep meanings, always curtailed with a side of curly-fries. Those little fries are the pinnacle of a side dish, as it can be combined with the afforded sandwich, making it a savory and crunchy, meal for your stomach. Surf and rock, indie and folk – TANGLERS are exactly what you need. Just like those curly-fries, which you have to share with your girlfriend. You might as well, for you love her, and you just don’t want to get on the wrong side of her disappointing gazes. Anywho, the understated authoritarian-like enthusiasm of ‘Tallboy’ is infectious and tasty. Watch the music video, and it gets even better. Their latest full length album ‘Tangled In Time’ is available now. The band consist of: Andrew Noble, Ross Macnab, Matt Catellier, Michael Grohmann, Luke Basso, and Cole Young.

Blocktreat – Slow Burn

BLOCKTREAT is Vancouver based producer, musician, songwriter, Brandon Hoffman. “The video spins off on a tangent from the lyrics,” Brandon stated. “We wanted the visuals (like the music) to add some emotional complexity that the words alone don’t really hit.” The perfectionist in him, stops him from not being one. And as obsessive he might be of the construction challenge of a song, the listener is quickly enveloped in the same vibe, too. Unassumingly BLOCKTREAT’s feverish guitars and ol’ school beats, tantalize and seduce. “The lyrics are a pretty straight-ahead portrayal of a night out with a new love interest…all twitterpated and excited. With the music, and then also with the imagery in the video, I wanted to get at some the mixed feelings that come along with that. Specifically the kind of nervous excitement that gets the heart beating, and how that can bleed into other big feels — feeling unsure about who you are, what you want, how to navigate ambiguity in a new relationship, and trying to contemplate all these things on the fly without hurting anyone or getting hurt yourself.” Brandon loves life. In his own way. In his way of reconciliation. Brandon is us. We are Brandon.

slim.choi – Destiny

Off of his album ‘Life Is A Strange Dream’, slim.choi’s single ‘Destiny’ is a brooding acclamation for temperatures in avoidances. “You are never with me. I am never in view of you.” From the cataclysmic reverence of life and all of its follies, the schism of decadence is profoundly regarded in a pocket full of sunshines. Burning a hole in that pocket of notions and premonitions – though never fully realized nor recognized – we strive forward, with little bit of happiness, diminishing and waning as we grow wiser, but older. ‘Destiny’ is a story of loss, in a grander and wider scale of life and living. But it is only a beautiful component in between the goodness slim.choi’s full album offers. The whole of slim.choi must be recognized and experienced. For his musical expressions in ‘Destiny’ and the album ‘Life Is A Strange Dream’ are sophisticated, attractive, charming, thrusting, and valiant. Childhood was in Daejeon, South Korea, slim.choi (Al Ghi Choi) is a multi-instrumentalist whose music started blooming in his high-school years in New York City. As kin to his remarkable talents, his art grips with ambient story telling and unobtrusive look at his own heart and desires. Truth in music is slim.choi. We recommend you get in with this him.

QUADRA – Tudo ou Nada (feat. Ronaldo Fonseca)

One of the things that excite us and many fans of music, is to find songs and bodies of work that inspire. And many times, we miss so much good work from other countries. It’s a tragedy, to be honest. But sometimes you get to listen to expertise and passion from bands like QUADRA. Braga, Portugal based, the band consisting of Hugo Couto, Gonçalo Carneiro, Lucas Palmeira, Sérgio Alves, and Sílvio Ren, the talented 5 piece brings together the best of harmonies, indie-rock, pop, and electronica, to give their listeners a beautifully constructed excuse to earn vibes and danceable characteristics. The napa crux of the band is shimmering and delightful, to the max. Funky, psychedelic, prudent, and oh so tasty, ‘Tudo ou Nada’ is one of their best representatives for what they do and have done. The vibrant shine and delectable effervescence never forgets why music thrives. It certainly thrives under the talented folks in QUADRA, and you as a listener will be thoroughly entertained. Shall we dance?


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