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JOUK MISTROW – The Idealist

The Idealist by Jouk Mistrow, the Brisbane trio and purveyor of garage rock grittiness, helps continues their journey in pushing their musical tastes. The song is a great throw-back and throw-forward at the same time, with awesome bass and guitar hiatus’ (at around the 3:35 mark) – a sorely missed type of conversation.

We think we really put this song on top of Jouk Mistrow’s outputs, as one of the top 2 – the other being, The Downstare.

We know, we know: there are for sure other good songs by the group, but for us, the energy culminated to what The Idealist is. And we like where it stands and how it presented.

The band’s discography is ‘gritty’. We think this song represents what we feel, they champion. In a way, The Idealist is refreshing and calming – with the outer wall of innovativeness, both in lyric and instrumental dance.

Check them out. We like.



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