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Joy Autumn Shares New ‘Go’ (Official Music Video). New EP ‘Midnight’ Drops Aug. 24th.

JOY AUTUMN has released her newest EP ‘Midnight’ today, and to celebrate, she’s released the music video to accompany her single ‘Go’. We’d said: “Vulnerability is a staple of what makes us humans’ faulty, and at the same time, delectable. Self introspection of what COULD BE, and what SHOULD HAVE BEEN is a danger of what rips that fork in the road to pieces. “Should I?”, “I should.” A battle ensues, with all blazes of what the risks and outcomes will be calculating in your brain. Joy Autumn’s ‘Go’ depicts that fallibility, and sometimes self induced emotional rollercoaster of a ride.”

New EP ‘Midnight’ drops August 24th.

“The hardest thing you can possibly do is walk away from someone that you viscerally love and feel is a part of you. In that moment, I realized that I had to pick my own well-being, even though the distorted reality is that I perhaps loved this person even more than I did myself.” – Joy

‘Midnight’ is the what Joy has decided to share with the world. Her struggles, her angst, her hate, her love, her acceptance. “I was so busy not making it in Hollywood that I forgot the reason why I created music in the first place,” Joy explained. And from that ‘Midnight’ was born and a new direction forged under that life-altering focus. With Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson) she commandingly utilized her songwriting to perform her own kind of therapy. Ultimately, her start to her salvation, lied within her.

She knows that now.

Larger than life itself.

Joy’s a fighter from all that we’d gathered, and we take pleasure in advocating such resilience. We admire that to the fullest and we seek solace by living vicariously through stories like Joy’s – for it makes the journey in life, a bit livable.

And sometimes that’s all that we sometimes need, right?



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