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Joyce Kwon – Dream of Home

JOYCE KWON’s debut solo album ‘Dream Of Home’ is available now. And from it, the title track delivers a other worldly folk experience, combining indie-folk, pop, and Korean traditional music, framed by the use of the Gayageum (Korean zither). The complexity is written and baked into this most unique of lyrical and experimental sonic experience. Joyce’s expertise in controlling the Gayageum is demonstrated clearly. Blending clearly to communicate the connection in emotions, is something else. The touch of mixing lyrics in Korean, backing up the English language is done quite charmingly, as well. The uplifting and melancholic endeavor of ‘Dream Of Home’ hits the spot. The classically trained artist, shines in this most shining single.

JOE JAMES BOYLE – Difficult Phone Call

JOE JAMES BOYLE’s music is a mast of disguise. In contrast to the pace of ‘Difficult Phone Call’, it is dynamic and delivers in aspects of what rock n’ roll should be. With 90’s alt-rock written deep within the archives of this single, which institutes a certain aromatic fervor – heightening the fragrance of the psyche-rock flavors. It’s an odd but very much charming endeavor. Joe’s vocal style ranges in the Jagger and Bowie stylistics, but with a growl undertone that masters the longing and impatient relics of any heart. It’s a unique performance that defines JJB.

Steven Homme – Dear Friend

STEVEN HOMME’s single ‘Dear Friend’ off of his latest EP ‘Burnin’ Love’, is a dream within a dream. The shoegaze/dreamscape is the dreary description of a life that we just don’t want to repeat over and over. But just like a dream that we cannot control, she arrive in our lives, again and again. The tortured heart of the beaten down and circumspect rationality within – shrivels as the days and nights, ingress… egress… ingress. It’s just too much to take. You’re about to fall apart. Will this ever end? Will the beckoning longing for the truth become revealed? Don’t miss this fabulous offering from SH.

Gary Kazazian – The Other Man

GARY KAZAZIAN’s debut EP ‘ includes the opening track ‘The Other Man’. And as you can hear and feel, the notes and lyrics combine to paint the picture of a voyage that continues perpetually. Just like his younger experienced through Venezuela, Beirut, Los Angeles, and Nigeria, the unforgettable moments indelibly stamped a vitality of sorts, in the artist’s heart. With the new album, Gary sets to express it to the public, with the effort in love and affection. The soaring and powerful vocals, give fortune to the raw and minimalistic acoustics of his instrument. Each chapter will be revealed when you listen to his EP. And we wholly recommend.

RiffTunes – Rebel

“All the music is done electronically and each song is based on a riff or series of riffs layered over powerful drum beats and heavy bass. And now I have brought in a new vocalist!” Yes. Can you feel the awesome enthusiasm of RIFFTUNES’ energies toward his work? We can. And that honesty is very much refreshing to anyone who comes across such wave. The rock, funk, electro offering of ‘Rebel’ is a magistrate demonstration of contrasting tastes and flavors, which we would think wouldn’t work. But they do. And then some. The reflection in continuity and revolving excitement, is embedded in the first note to the last. It’s a fun tune that just keeps growing on you.


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