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Joykeeper – The Age

Swedish pop band JOYKEEPER is ‘how we feel’ when ‘we want to feel hurt, just to feel we’re closer to her’. It’s a weird premise. But we think it’s fairly common. Though no citing of scientifically surveyed documents, but the word and vibe of ‘The Age’ from JOYKEEPER is, in an indirect way, a call to arms for you, us, all of us. We live in a difficult time. Mostly in a mental aspect, both in visions of limitations upon our emotional and mental expansion. But is it that dire? The band doesn’t think so. And it’s not too late to free of ourselves from that feeling of having lost someone you loved. ‘Let her go’ we have to tell ourselves. ‘Let the hurt go, so your memories of her can be free.’ Be ‘Autonomous’ as an individual – culturally, and individually. It’ll do you better. We agree with JOYKEEPER.

Gina Brooklyn – Amo Solo Te

‘Amo Solo Te’ is a love song by GINA BROOKLYN. It was inspired by her favorite places including Cinque Terre, Italy, and the dreamy vibes of a summer that has and will come again. Amplified in the Italian language, Gina helps us visualize those feelings of hers and puts us at the foot of that place of our own little favorite places. The sounds of ocean waves and seagulls, turns on the switch of our innate desires for a calmer and absorbing lifestyle which we internally desire so much. The short and sweet single is never perishable and it equates much of the positivity that should be in our everyday harnesses. The dreams that can come true – a message that is instilled in this song and through Gina’s expressive vocals, cements a valid accessibility that shouldn’t be foregone.

Somehow – Shut Your Eyes And See

With deep and stirring vocals, SOMEHOW (Erwan Pépiot), drives to the edge with this single ‘Shut Your Eyes And See’. Not because of any kind of aggressiveness depicted in the song, but because it has this built-in and incinerating way of catching your heart with The Smiths / The Cure kind of vibe. It radiates with a single voice, stringing effortlessly the words of ‘his truth’ into a song that can be as dynamic or temperate as the listener would desire. SOMEHOW is the ‘now’ of bringing critical acclaim with popular musical directions, which when together, doesn’t sound like either one. And that’s just a pretty cool thing to bring to the world. SOMEHOW debuted in 2017 with album ‘Hidden Memories’. Now, the 9 song LP ‘Low Tide’ will be dropped on October of this year.

Lochness Monster – Defiance

Bruce Donaldson (Singer), Justin Shaner (Guitar), Brad Eavenson (Bass), and Rene Rivera (Drums) make this project named LOCHNESS MONSTER work. More than work, they reflect in stories that are deep and deeper in layers of lessons and understatements. Something like what we do as human beings in our day to day lives, LOCHNESS MONSTER helps us hear and then see what’s not being done for our sanity. Externally everything might look alright. Externally things look very happy and structured. Probabilities say that we are frail creatures, and the good times become drudgeries – something not to be loved anymore, but just to be tolerated. A death by a thousand pink pricks in a sense. A death not worth. LOCHNESS MONSTER’s production of ‘Defiance’ is expert and top drawer. It brings just the right touch of hard-rock with philosophically adamant existence for life and resistance. Look for their newest EP soon.


Wretched with a unworldly feeling of dread, his emotions had the better of him, as he was quickly swept over board into a sea of sadness and despair. There didn’t seem to be a way out of it, as the boulders pounded down to his level to crush any signs of resistance. Nay – revitalization. A story of so many of us and a story of our secret belonging. The world is tainted in such doom and gloom. There sometimes don’t ever have any way of being relieved from the stresses of confusion. ECHOGLASS seems to know this mightily well, as their single ‘Lonely’ depicts from the instrumentals to the lyrical poetry, describes the helplessness of one – and all of us. ECHOGLASS consists of DA McKenna and Fritz. The duo makes poignancy, not just a clever saying on a t-shirt, but an honest effort in seeking much needed knowledge of our fallibilities.

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