JR JR Shares ‘NYC’. “And ain’t that a great way to live?” New Double Album Drops May 31st.

Brantley Gutierrez

JR JR (formerly Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.) announced their new label LOVE IS EASY RECORDS in partnership with SECRETLY DISTRIBUTION. JR JR will drop their new double LP May 31st.

So that we continue don’t forget, they are sharing this dainty single ‘NYC’.

The new double LP is called ‘Invocations / Conversations’ and as Daniel Zott tells it: “is filled with the thousand little moments of the last three years; moments of joy and sadness, frustration and exhilaration. And is more full of life than any project I’ve ever done.”

Daniel’s partner in crime is Joshua Epstein, and the two make up this always intriguing band, which seems to give a good zing of tang in its musical productions. It continues with the single ‘NYC’, as it gives and takes, and gives some more, as we take a stroll on the wild side.

Expounding on the new 2xLP:

“To me,” shared Joshua, “the first album (Invocations) was a moment in time where we wrote with the touring members of the band in the Masonic Temple in Detroit. It also happened to coincide with the 2016 election, and feels like that moment.”


“The second album (Conversations), says Epstein, “is just Dan and me and a few random collaborators. It’s representative of taking stock of the large shifts that had been happening around us and processing it all.”


Philosophy, politics, and of course personal endeavors, wrapped in stories of JR JR caliber, makes what it is. And with it, the single ‘NYC’ looks at “a metaphor for the rapid gentrification and extreme income inequality that we are starting to see in major cities,” stated Joshua.

“When we started this project as Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, it was about freedom.”

Seems to us, their music continues to set us free from the dregs of life.

And ain’t that a great way to live?



Brantley Gutierrez


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