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Jules Gabriel // Hypergear // Erina // monkeybars // Lee Triffon

Jules Gabriel – Down for Life

Written and recorded in the humid Spanish winter, within a house, located in a countryside. An anthem. A promise. “Ruler of your own destiny” is the theme of ‘Down For Life’. Traveling through a coast to coast tunnel of memories, the flickering lights of the past, waned as the brilliance of the foreseeable future shined on. Looking forward, it seems too overwhelming at times. But it’s the only way to self preservation, self growth, self exploration. With whomping synth and graceful undulations JULE GABRIEL brings beauty and sentimentality, on the layers of the preponderance. The subtle winter – just like that Spanish winter – lingers like scent which inspires.

Hypergear – I Am The Dead

The neo-punk extremities of HYPERGEAR’s latest ‘I Am The Dead’ rocks it out with gumption. There’s no other way to describe it, as the blaring and tempered vocals are attuned to the slicing guitar work, ‘I Am The Dead’ offers up a score of excitement. The Italian alt-synth rock trio (Sascha, Federico and Gianluca) relishes in surprising the senses and devouring ambience with wit and charisma. ‘I Am The Dead’ is a curious bridge between ‘sex’ and ‘death’. The band deems it a closer relation than it outwardly signals, and we dig that idea, wholeheartedly.

Erina – Holding On

You just can’t go wrong with ERINA. And off of their latest album ‘Birdie’, the vastly diverse band contributes songs from indie-rock, r&b and soul, with the kind of tactile relevance you don’t get to hear often. We’d been a fan since our first exposure to their outputs, and the pleasure of listening to their works is consistent and never wanes. ‘Holding On’ is a beautifully choreographed delight, exhibiting all of the subtle brushings of neo-jazz with indie-pop. Brass, vocals, love are packaged gorgeously.

monkeybars – Sheesh

Eli Aleinikoff is monkeybars. We don’t know anything about Eli: his habits, his social footprint, nor anything else about his philosophy behind his music. One thing’s clear though, and that fact is the clinically exact construction of his song ‘Sheesh’ is layered and steeped with intrinsic clues of what his musical head is at. His emotive shoegazy guitar work to the subtle but emphatic synth injections, tell us there’s more bigger things to come. Let’s find out, shall we?

Lee Triffon – Grow In Me

“I wrote the song shortly after finding out that I was having my first child, and was going through a lot of turbulence in my personal life and relationships. It was a time of growth both internally and externally. Motherhood suddenly took over and I found myself feeling very differently about almost everything in the world.” It’s a change in mentality common to most who become mothers and fathers. It’s a good thing. “I co-produced Grow In Me together with Roy Regev, who is my new musical partner.” The duo has planned to release their official first single ‘Meditate’ together in 2019. An EP will follow soon there after.


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