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Jules Gabriel ‘Tides’ : Particular and delectable sonic journey.

In the landscapes of melancholy and hope.

Jules Gabriel conducts new freshness in his single ‘Tides’. Like a slow and methodical chime of expediency and mystery, the vibes of ‘Tides’ overwhelms in its attitude and understated voluptuousness. The vocal exercise in respect and awe, the volume of emotions are tamped down into morsels of gratitude and invisible revelry.

The Swedish artist continues this particular and delectable sonic journey, for all of us to gain.

After earlier streaming success and being featured in ´Riverdale´ and `Neighbours` This will be his first full length music video promoted song, shot in Granada, Spain. Jules Gabriel has earlier featured on 3 Spotify official playlists.

“`TIDES` is about about giving up, letting go and letting your soul lay bare for something new to take over. And takeovers hit hard, like hate, love, like religion. Melodic melancholy and dreamy guitars blend with euphoric in a song to guide some light into the dark months. A wounded hymn of hope.”

The depth of mission in ‘Tides’ is indicatively supportive of a grander vibe of what Jules has and attests to promise. The inductive reasoning, cast cold stone realities upon the best laid plans of light hearted suggestions and imparting wisdoms from the journey at heart.

In his first solo project he takes inspiration and recordings from family, history, spirituality and nordic nature. Jules is now carving his own way in the landscapes of melancholy and hope.

We all should be there with him.



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