Jules Iolyn ‘Lust’ : Conflict with urgency of regulated truths and frustrations.

Jules Iolyn

From her latest EP ‘We’re Getting Closer’ (out now), her single ‘Lust’ is a longing of epic proportion. When it’s personal, the universe of angst and wants, collide in a soup of a galactic oblivion. A basic desire, too ominous and too engulfing to embrace, the heart wonders and wants to learn what’s on the other side of that velvet curtain. Inquiries of the heart, melded with the societal mores of our lives, conflict with urgency of regulated truths and frustrations.

Said Jules: “I wrote this song after thinking about how I felt guilty I did not return feelings of attraction towards me that came from basically a stranger. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I came to realize that lust preys on all of us and favors none of us. It’s everywhere.”

Normality is in our genes: Lust, favor, angst, desire, love, and possibilities.

Life wouldn’t be interesting without them.


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