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JULEZ Shares ‘New Connection’. “Mellowness. Seriousness. Perfect Together.”

“Reluctance of action is the affiliation of the un-kindly heart.” It’s a saying that someone said, sometime in the past. Or maybe something that we at CHF made up but became a mantra, of sorts. Either way, there’s ‘action’ in those busy legs of JULEZ and her songs in the past, and now.

In her latest single release ‘New Connection’, the mind reels, as so many flavors of band from the 70’s, to the 80’s and 90’s congeal together in this fantastically fun song.

It’s an odd bit, we have to say.

The mellowness is downright obvious, but at the same time exerts this ‘you ain’t nothing till you try’ kind of seriousness.

The blues tinged highlights mask the grunge / radio-rock-pop certainties of the late 90’s. With rolling of the drums, in sequence to JULEZ very distinctive vocals, ‘New Connection’ with its pin-stripe madness, comes off rightly and invigoratingly.

The NJ / NYC are native started from her time in college and has been going at it ever since. She’s chipping away at the door with her distinct lyrical rationale and arrangements that are quirky and memorable.

Let’s see where she goes from here.




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