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Julian Bachlow Shares ‘Astral Garden’.

JULIAN BACHLOW is sonically honest. What we mean by that is that he is clear on what he is communicating through his lyrics and singles. Just like a babbling brook down a side of a crisp clean mountain side in the winter, ‘Astral Garden’ signifies that kind of ‘honesty’ which we dig. Then there is the ‘character’ we feel that he represents and lives, day to day personally.

“This is the my new single ‘Astral Garden’ from my upcoming 4th album ‘Day and Night’ which will have 10 tracks in total. What I want to do is eventually have a vinyl version of this album and have the ‘A Side’ called ‘Day’ and the ‘B Side’ called ‘Night’. 5 songs will have an indie-electronic/Dream-pop feel representing my musical interpretation of ‘Night’ while the other 5 songs will have an indie-rock/acoustic feel of my musical interpretation of ‘Day’.”

When you read that statement for what he wants to do, it’s a fresh signal (at least to us, and from afar) that his goals are intrinsically within his DNA and he has value in weighing the pluses and minuses of being a musician. There are no qualms about what he wants to do, and is direct in letting his fans know.

And we think that’s top-shelf.

The innocence represented with ‘Astral Garden’ is at the least endearing and when it’s coupled with the vocal uniqueness of his natural tendencies, we think it can be a special event (at least for several minutes).

He’s a multi-instrumentalist and a sonic alchemist. We think he needs that A/B sided Vinyl published.

Let’s see if that happens.



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