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JULIAN MAVERICK // The Velvet Doors // The Pierce Project // Riley Timmer // Heavenly Faded


With the ease and smoothness wrapped around the fingers of jazz infused acoustic works, JULIAN MAVERICK, makes the new year a better place of ‘beginnings’ for all. Coming March 2019, his newest album will drop. Julian does many things so well, where he traverses the line between pure pop and soft-rock. It’s very subtle, but it’s there. ‘Esta Navidad’ is one of those examples and makes the footprint you own, bit brighter and more ‘shimmer-y’. Trust us, it’s a good thing. Just enjoy it. Christmas good will never ceases.

The Velvet Doors – Strange End

The word ‘morphing’ comes to mind with THE VELVET DOORS’ single ‘Strange End’. It’s a touch of rock, with a dash of indie, and a bucket full of psychedelia. The full onslaught of tastes and flavors, rush up to your sinus and you can’t help but pause. And that pause is to make sure you’re in the right place. ‘Strange End’ keeps it lively with scouring vocals and the malaise of the ‘evening sun’ through the described vices of the guitar strums. The American-Danish-German band, it consists of artists Tom Storm, Jan Overgaard, and Heinz Müller. And together they make songs that either ‘morph’ you, as the listener, or is about the act of introspective ‘morphing’ of our sensibilities. Guess both can go together, right? TVD is quite a rare one.

The Pierce Project – And I Live in Japan

There are times when music just needs to get out. It’s been festering in your body for ages. And one day, that trigger is turned ‘on’, and here you are, singing about the things in life that has done you wrong. ‘Griping’ is the salt of life’s blandness. It gets us going in direction, whether we like the trip or not. THE PIERCE PROJECT is that ‘gripe’ in ‘And I Live In Japan’. But don’t be put off – they sing about ‘love’ too. So, get into this 60s/70s surf-pop you’d never thought you needed. But its grime suits you. Remember, from where you are, there’s only one way – which is UP. That’s the lesson of THE PIERCE PROJECT. Accept your current premise – then move forward, and smile a bit too.

Riley Timmer – Hummingbird

‘Hummingbird’ is the latest title track from his latest and last album (available now) before graduation from college. What a celebration, eh? RILEY TIMMER is the artist and the indie-folk singer/songwriter is on his way to making his musical career dreams a reality. With taught licks, riffs, and a distinctively friendly vocal stylings unique to him, we see fabulous success. ‘Hummingbird’ is Americana, folk, indie, and pop – rolling in the hypnotic drum beats of classic stylings, it brings forth music for a modern audience.

Heavenly Faded – Cartoon Eyes

When you hear a NYC based rock band, with the signature grit that we’re accustomed to, we know it immediately. HEAVENLY FADED is that signature. In ‘Cartoon Eyes’, the 4 piece rock band, though brand new (formed in 2018), knows how to ‘rock you’. You know, the best way possible. Balls to the wall, with zero judgement. The harmonies are fabulous on this track, and rises to support the dynamic vocals and unrelenting guitar drive. The band consists of LP Francisco, Stanley Augonis, Rijk van Zanten, and Danny Morrison. The band is what you wanted. Your car, your home, your run in the morning – it’s that kick-ass summation – nay, a declaration – to the stuff that’s getting you down. Then you shouting at the top of your lungs “No more. I will live!”


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