Julian Taylor ‘Love Enough’ : “The melody has lived with me for over a decade..” Now it’s shared for all.

Julian Taylor

“The thing about this song is that melody has lived with me for over a decade, but this one scared me — I never felt like I could get behind it and deliver this song honestly until everything in my world had essentially been taken away from me… We had always talked about it being a breakup song, but ironically it’s not; it’s about being a bit off and then on and then off again.”

Julian sings with the ever eviscerating tone of life. A grating solitude, lonesome and free, the good and the ugly of existing and hardship, are written down for our ears to see. And the styles of music that he taps to tell the stories, the way it should be, thrills the listeners in a grand level.

“The lyrics were first written by my friend Robert Priest, but I mixed and twisted them around to fit what I truly felt I needed to say on a personal level,” added Julian. “I’ve always been a big fan of Los Lobos and The Mavericks and that Tex-Mex feel — it’s so evocative, so restless — and I wanted this song to be live in a room, like a kitchen party… ‘Love Enough’ has that feel because that’s how it was recorded: we all sat really close to one another and gave it our all, live off the floor, two acoustic guitars, and upright bass and congas…”

‘Love enough’ is a single that taps the beauty of Orbison-esque grandeur and gravity. And as Julian can and always has, delivers in spades.



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