Julian Taylor ‘The Ridge’ : “West bound wind” of your dreams, never felt so good.

Julian Taylor

Transitioning from being a soother one minute to a soothsayer Julian Taylor, puts his country angst into play with the title single ‘The Ridge’. The Toronto-based singer/songwriter Julian Taylor brings eight deeply intimate songs that comprise his striking new solo effort, into new heights.

Julian sets us, the listener, into a form of story telling where black hats and gray, mingle with the ever eviscerating tone of life. A grating solitude, lonesome and free, the good and the ugly of existing and hardship, are written down for our ears to see.

In the upcoming new album, each song represents an acoustic-driven mixture of styles that reflects Julian’s range as a creative force by building on his forged tenures, fronting the alt-rocking collective Staggered Crossing as well as the fine funk and R&B-driven foundation he continues to mine with the still-active Julian Taylor Band.

The variety is head and shoulders, as Julian captures, again, provide the beauty of his delicate nuances in fantastic song craft.


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