Juliet Garrett ‘Carry On’ : Lovely rainbows, promised, indeed.

Juliet Garrett

‘Carry On’ is about continuing on into the world no matter how tough or overwhelming things feel.

Said Juliet Garrett: “I wrote it a couple years ago in the midst of one of those times when your life just kinda feels like it’s falling apart and it turned into a bit of a mantra for me. I recorded it last spring at SNAP Studios in London, recorded and produced by Fiona Cruickshank, with additional production by Oli Swan.”

“Most of the song was recorded live in one take (which really wasn’t the plan!),” Juliet added. “Later, I worked with Oli to add additional background vocals (in the high-tech recording studio of his bedroom). I’m really excited to share it and hope it resonates with other people in a similar way.”

‘Carry On’ chorus takes your breath away to another place. It sure does. And met with Juliet’s playful and honest vocals, tint the world of the words, the Universe seems to be a bit of a place to love once again. No matter how hard it’s been. No matter how it felt a bit too hard to look forward.

It’s a solemn offering of positivity that lingers and reminds.

Lovely rainbows, promised, indeed.


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