JULY 11: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HAGS! Now Go Chug A Brew! Celebrate With The Crew In Asbury Park.

HAGS is officially 2 years old. A project among a group of comics, who loved their craft, built a place to showcase some great friends and colleagues. So, on Wednesday (July 11) the gang, friends, and peers are throwing up a ‘special’ anniversary show. At the moment the line-up of comics is under the category of ‘Everyone’. Also, and arguably most important of all, there will be CAKE. Literally a frosted birthday cake. And we assume there will be 2 candles or one of those fancy candle made into a ‘number two’.


We at CHF had contacted them to be one of the sponsors of the event, because of our ‘good feelings’ about the show, Joe and JC. That feeling hasn’t left us yet, but we’ll do our best to enjoy it while it lasts (as the saying goes).

In any case, Happy Anniversary from CHF to HAGS. It’s been a fab several months, and looking forward to many more together, with bigger and better shows, bigger and better bands, and of course, awesome line up of comics at every event.

Happy Anniversary!


Joyeux Anniversaire!


Feliz Aniversario!

JOE MCANDREW Co-producer
“I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already. There have been some real sh*tty nights but tons of really funny nights. @saintapnj staff has been an unbelievable support system the entire time. Our sponsors @rebelsupplyap and @comeherefloyd have been a huge help with us gathering more traction! All the bands that have played have been so fucking amazing, all the comics who have made the trip whether it be a few blocks or a few hours! DAMN! 2 YEARS! Tons of friendships made! SO Very excited for this show! We’re gonna have cake! Please come! Me and @jchendricks are gonna make this a very wild party!! July 11th!!!!!”

We asked JC about some memories he feels fond of, regarding the show he’d been a part:

  1. Joe asking me to co produce it with him. I had only produced one show before so I was excited, and it’s been a blast since.
  2. Latewaves playing their first show on HAGS. I’ve been friends with them for a while so getting to have them play their first show on HAGS was super cool. A lot of people came out and the energy of the whole night was super fun.
  3. Carmen Lagala’s “ventriloquism” part of her set. Carmen is a super funny comic from Vermont who lives in NYC. At one point in her set she wrapped herself in the stage curtain with only her hand sticking out and did the rest of her set that way. It was super funny and something I’ve never seen before.
  4. The hangs. Hanging with everyone before and after the shows is always a blast, especially going to Johnny Mac’s after the shows.
  5. Giving away prizes. Even though Joe and I always say that we’re going to give away prizes, it’s fun to see people win them, especially when they somehow get one of the true or false questions that are based on our opinions.

“Congrats to Joe and Jc for another year of HAGS! Whether it be JC’s custom wrestling shirts or Joe McAndrew’s…….face? These two always seem to shift my mood from “crappy” to “okay” and that says A LOT. I’m super grateful to have been able perform with you both and I know theres more to come. Cheers to another year of HAGS! Love you weirdos.”

“Hey man! I drove from Queens to Asbury Park to do a spot at HAGS. I rear-ended a car on my way there. When I got to the show it was absolutely pouring rain. Walked into the show soaking wet and the first person to greet me was some strung out dude trying to sell me acid. Got on stage and he started heckling me. I made fun of him and the crowd loved it. The room was packed and other than the acid dealing, pretend doorman, the audience was fantastic. The show was definitely worth my crazy ride there. Joe and JC do an awesome job hosting and producing it.”

Will told himself: “what did I get myself into?” and then the second you see Joe and JC remember it’s going to be one of the best shows of the month.” That’s how confident he was about the show. LOL. But seriously, Will knew right away that “They’re both genuinely awesome dudes, and coming from someone who normally likes to leave a show as soon as possible, I get off stage at HAGS and immediately start thinking about when it’s an appropriate time to ask to come back.” We think that’s a stamp of approval.

Joe McAndrew and JC Hendricks are the two who manage this little project that is held every month at The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey. And it’s been a blast for the both of them, they say.

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