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Juniper Drive Shares ‘Last Time’. “Cool vibes. Warm delight.”

Juniper Drive’s debut single “Last Time” is a funky nostalgic jam that invokes the innate desire to stay young forever, and a longing to keep up a relationship that’s long gone.

The tight rhythm guitar licks sit on top of a lush warm JUNO patch while the drums hold down the beat, adding tasteful flair in the fills when the song calls for it.

The song culminates in an energetic jam that teeters on the edge of psychedelia.

Pop and good times. That’s where ‘Last Time’ lives. And when the party is going at the hardest, you take the girl of your dreams to the house front porch and just gaze into each others’ eyes.

With no premise. Nothing about the world. Just the house thumping and her lips on yours.

The sun rises in the dawn, simulating the new future together for both.

Cool vibes, no?



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