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Junkie – October

“Will you be my friend. Please don’t mess with my head” said Junkie. What is to come of this? Would anyone want to become a friend of Junkie? Does October come with an extra helping of fries? We don’t know. But the song is cool. Is that cool?

We’ve all heard children’s rhymes, right? And most of those rhymes don’t go very well with electric guitars. There is a distinct reason why so, and Junkie’s October is a cautionary tale.

A ‘cautionary tale’?? Why? It’s a perfectly fine piece of music, right?

No, no. You get us wrong. We dig the song. That’s why we call this a ‘cautionary tale’. Not of the song writing and execution, but of the warning the lyrics perpetuate.

Awkwardly questioning someone’s act or non-act of becoming someone’s significant other is very temultuous – at best. It’s a mine field! Full of mines! And we all know what detonated mines can do to an organic sack of water (i.e. human beings).

Yes. It will tear the organism into PIECES; literally and figuratively.

Just like “Johnny Got His Gun”, a novel by Dalton Trumbo, which tells the tale of a war soldier, enduring and suffering through a ‘death sentence’ of sorts (if you read or watch the movie, you’ll get what we’re saying), Junkie’s October relationship advice is a tragedy, waiting to happen.

Well, if one takes it to heart for real-world application, of course.

But you won’t right?? After all, we want a good life, and not be deemed a ‘weirdo’, right?

Okay, okay. Being bit weird is fine. Just don’t stalk her, ok?

Anywho, the lo-fi song is annoying, short, ‘perverted’ and it’s fabulous.

Who would have thunk it?!



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