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Juno Mamba Shares ‘Flicker’. “

Debut single by Leftfield-electronic artist Juno Mamba. He is Vinci Andanar and the Melbourne-based DJ / producer / musician is poised to announce his debut EP with the arrival of ‘Light Echoes’ through cult Australian label Soothsayer and will pre-empt its release with a brand new leftfield electronic track ‘Flicker’.

Conceived from uncertainty and wanting to be embraced, Juno Mamba is as much about experimenting with the unknown as it is about finding purpose with the familiar. It’s not from a controlled setting, it has no limitations, it’s unrestricted, there is no predisposition and it’s ready to be consumed.

“Space and inspiration. Considerations and exploration. Foundations and obliteration; it’s all relative. Life, death, decay and beauty; it’s all consciousness.”

The ambiguity can seem vast or obscured, but the feeling is with the listener. If it’s life or death, new or old, beginning or the end, let it take you on journey and hope it doesn’t end.

Beautiful stuff.



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