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Juno Verne // Psychic Twin // Kevin Scoma // LIA // T. Evann

Juno Verne – Castaway

“What is Juno Verne? She is the drive to stay forever young. She is the craving for rebellion. She is the urge to say no. She is nostalgic, yet she looks forward to the future. She is better than humans.” The single ‘Castaway’ is a imaginative and fantastical journey through the forests of your mind and substrates. “A journey through space, an impossible love, the quest for your dreams,” to say the least. What is possible is the crux of any vision. From this and that, the darkness is constant. What will you do to put the sunlight unto the darkness – beating it back, to its origins? Sacrifice it all?? You surely must.

Psychic Twin – Water Meets Land

Psychic Twin is Erin Fein, and she has a lot to say through her music. With ‘Water Meets Land’ she said the song: “Is about intense struggle, but also, it is about acceptance and survival. I have been through some very difficult experiences in the last 6 years of my life and I honestly didn’t know if I could survive. And to accompany it all, I experienced anxiety so debilitating that I considered suicide. For many years I was steadily falling apart. And then things began to change — because I began to change — because I chose to get help. I learned how to stand on my own, to trust my own resources and to look directly into the darkest and most painful experiences in my life and confront them.” The 80’s tinged coming-of-age vibin’ notes make you affectionate towards the responsible and thoughtful journeys taken by Erin. Dreamy synth, and dream-pop sequences, Psychic Twin powers through the grandness with creativity and subtlety that is soulful in its essence.

Kevin Scoma – I Was Never Afraid to Die

Kevin Scoma is a lifelong singer-songwriter and artist based in Buffalo, NY. His debut EP ‘Into the Weeping Sea’ combines acoustic instrumentation with lush electronic textures to create a transcendent and moody folk-rock sound. While recording the album with his good friend and producer Art Lakewood in the Spring of 2019, an unexpected spiritual awakening provided Kevin with a newfound creative focus and also inspired the concept for his album. His EP is a 5 track bliss of beautiful guitar strums, acoustic goodness, and shimmering vocals reflecting the best in the charming lyrics. See Kevin Scoma next @ Duende at Silo City, Buffalo, on October 18th.

LIA – Come & Seek

Montreal-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer hailing from Maryland. Drawing influence from artists such as Banks, Bon Iver and James Blake, LIA’s leading vocals carry stories nestled in poetic prose with moody electronic production featuring elements of trip hop and future rnb. “This is a song for empowerment and self discovery,” said LIA. “It’s the culmination of my strength after years of self-disrespect through energy-sucking relationships. The imagery of “coming to seek” communicates the confidence and bravery I found in myself throughout the time period that I worked on this EP. Not being afraid to talk about my feelings, not being shy to go after what I want and knowing the kind of relationships I deserve are some of the struggles I had to overcome. This song is a celebration of me finding my way to womanhood and because of that, opening my arms to love.” Beautifully pop. Beautifully alt. Beautifully inviting – LIA’s delicious aromatics, is accentuated with her subtle and choice mix of ambience and contextual vibrance in victorious revival.

T. Evann – My Love

Love the music video. Love the song. From the body on the couch, to the ‘lackadasical’ grouping of a band that just spells out ‘cool’, T. Evann’s single ‘My Love’ is the perfect pitch for love, when you needed it, and then some. “’My Love’ was written at a pivotal moment in my life. I had just graduated from university and was working a job I didn’t like very much. This daily grind ended up becoming a big hindrance towards my creativity. ‘My Love’ is not only about the constant support I had from girlfriend at the time, but also a metaphor for the constant infatuation I have for music discovery and songwriting.” Exploring and jivin’. The ever creative bounce of T. Evann is where it’s at. And even if you’re not ‘there’ yet, he’ll wait. He’ll wait for you to get there. Whether Acela, Greyhound, your Corolla, or by paddle boat – T. Evann will be awaiting your arrival. Because he knows, and understands. We’re in the same club, yo. Bro hug? Well, maybe later. T. Evann is the new project from producer/songwriter Tyler Darrington. Tyler does bedroom-pop grooves. We all should dig.


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