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Junodream ‘As Far As I See’ : Open up their arms, to engage with the apparitions of past baggages.

Off of 2nd EP ‘Isn’t It Lovely (To Be Alone)’.


Junodream brings another facet of contiguously prominent instrumentals, layered in a masquerading-ly colorful gray. The slather of gray, is a must-have on this fab indie offering. And as the clouds waft through with no apparent reason, your sensibilities open up their arms, to engage with the apparitions of past baggages.

Dougal Gary explained: “’AFAIS’ is a song from the view of someone who’s been humiliated and wants to correct scores. But hate is a heavy thing to carry and ultimately leads nowhere. The animation reflects this: it’s like a paranoia-driven ‘catch me if you can’. We follow a character on a mission driven by anger but this only sends him round in circles”.

Junodream are comprised of Ed Vyvyan (vocals), Dougal Gray (guitar), Tom Rea (guitar), Will Ryder (bass) and Jake Gidley (drums) and in a previous article, we’d said: “If you have the gumption to hear and listen to bittersweet / sweet and the bitter, then, the outputs from the quintet is for you. Aligned in the magnificence of serenity, dipped in the poison of sacrificial nihilism, stabbed at the heart by the dagger of life’s responsibilities – the songs are pointed in harmonies of utilitarian empathy.”

It’s that talent to marry such conflicts and contradictions. Black and white, rise and valley, good and pure – the band’s delectable ambiguity is totally controlled in their songwriting, and delivers with punch, without even trying.

‘As Far As I See’, ‘Limiter’ and ‘Nobody Wants You’ all feature on Junodream’s second EP ‘Isn’t It Lovely (To Be Alone)’.



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