Jupe Jupe ‘How Could We Both Be in Love’ : We’re all part of this crumble. And it feels, oh so good.

Jupe Jupe / Photo: Lord FoTog

With Jupe Jupe’s new upcoming EP, ‘Nightfall’ about to release, we all should get ready for the impending lunar eclipse that will haunt our every eclectic move. The sultry vibes of ‘How Could We Both Be In Love’ depends on your healing ears, to supplant those eerie notions and impart wisdom to the new-wave aesthetics that envelopes.

The ‘noir’ vibes of Jupe Jupe is quintessential in its world building, where fascination of this and ‘all in-between’ are thrown up on the white walls of truth, to be dissected by you, us, and the collapsing Universe.

We’re all part of this crumble.

And it feels, oh so good.

The group spent over a year meticulously crafting each tune on ‘Nightfall’ — including adding a vital new saxophone element to its sound—before teaming up with producer Matt Bayles at Studio Litho in Seattle, Washington.

‘How Could We Both Be in Love’ is the first video from ‘Nightfall’.

Kudos, indeed.


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