Jurij Mondaine ‘Monsters And Demons’ : Of monsters. Of demons. Of men. Of women. Of us all.

Jurij Mondaine

Reservation is deserved when confronted by the derision of the sights and sounds of Jurij Mondaine’s ‘Monsters And Demons’. It’s your thoughts and outlook that must be reserved and tamped down into the shimmering gutters. From there, like Jurij sings, an opportune return to a much more glorified future, that is there for the taking.

Of monsters. Of demons. Of men. Of women.

“It’s kind of a daydream trip with the main topic of making friends with the own demons and being brave to break out of old behaviors which don’t let us be who we want to be and do what we want to do.”

Self examination and then apropos detox, is always recommended.


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