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Jurij Mondaine Shares ‘Castles, Bridges And Magic Rafts’.

Hamburg, Germany based JURIJ MONDAINE is an artist who distinct from the first word. In ‘Castles, Bridges And Magic Rafts’, the emotive vocals combine effortlessly with the intent of the song, as it blooms in innocent vitality and absolution.

Absolved of what? We won’t ever know.

The digital music artist doesn’t say much (as of this moment in time) through her songs or on her socials, but she relies (for now) to say the most with her rhythms and vibes of the work that she’s producing.

It’s all about the feels, ain’t it?

What we’re saying is that her song seems conventional and pop-tastic. But just underneath the surface, there’s just so much substance and emotional appeal that we just don’t know what to do with it.

And we dig it, so.

The urgency of pulse in life is written inside the chorus, as Jurij’s vocals keeps the oddly attractive vibes from bleeding without purpose. The ‘Maja Ivarsson’ (The Sounds) sounding vocal habits of Jurij, pumps out melodies that are electrified gems.

It’s a delicate offering that just kicks butt to the core.



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