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JUST HONEST Shares Self Awareness In Single ‘Decide’. A Call To Arms, To Self And To The World.

The horn simulation was the key to our musical hearts on this single. The song is more poignant than you’d think. It’s about the ‘big picture’ of the Universe, its genesis, its ultimate end.

The anthemic trip through space and time, is what ‘Decide’ is all about. And that we’re very small. You, us – we’re specks. We’re smaller than dust.

“So, let’s make the best of it, while we’re here.”

“It was 5 a.m. when I discovered myself having become sad after spending the whole night reading about our Universe’s pessimistic future on Wikipedia. I also was angry: every day the sun spends its energy and burns its declining fuel giving me the possibility to live and what was I doing?”

We agree. Let’s not waste time. Even it only affects you, only.




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