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Justin Hillman – Crooked Root

“Running away, to get to myself. When the time doesn’t stop, and I stop.” Justin Hillman’s Crooked Root is a delightful tune that made our ‘country’ and ‘folk’ sensibilities just get up and say ‘oh yea’.

Hillman’s unique vocals is the topping on this ‘Crooked Root’ cake.

His vocals are poignant, relatable, approachable, memorable, and sweet enough to just want to get to know it more.

The song and its lyrics are, of course (as country-folk songs go) very of the time, about emotions, about actions taken and not taken. The summation of what human beings – what we do to ourselves – to others.

In the wake of the insurmountable odds, he kneeled.
He kneeled because he wanted to atone for his deeds.
He kneeled because he wanted, not to pretend, any longer.
He kneeled for the love now, and the love he thought he deserved in the future.
This was the time.
The place.
His devotion was for her, and for her, only.
He knew he couldn’t exist without her.
His new beginning, starts.

Hillman has released 3 songs from the upcoming 9 song album. And they are all fabulous.

The distinctions of each and individual songs bring back the 90’s, and coalesces in some kind of country/alt-rock/folk manifestation.

It’s a fun and dramatic listen.

We dig it, for sure.

The songs are a treat.

The new album ‘To Get You Through These Days’ drops, December 27, 2017.



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