Jutty Taylor ‘Saint James’ : Crooning verbal embrace, devastatingly surge in pride and cosmic fervor.

Jutty Taylor

Jutty Taylor is the LA based project of Justin Taylor. And what a project it is.

Creativity abound, as ‘Saint James’ is one of those songs that will test the will of time, and will win.

Justin’s wonderful vocals, distinct and so warm, delights and dances along the boundaries of ‘Saint James’ with 70’s-like effervescence and folk-rock wide-eyed energies.

“A person realizes that they could “un-fuck” themselves if they could stop incessantly reading the news..a call to the imaginary patron saint of will and self control.”

From the upcoming album ‘Little Seizures’, the project Jutty Taylor, pronounces the coming of a view for hope and riotous beauty. The beauty of living, the quirks of it all, and how we can deem triumphant upon the cracks in the sidewalk.

Jutty Taylor’s crooning verbal embrace, devastatingly surge in pride and cosmic fervor in ‘Saint James’.


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