JW Francis ‘Gold’ : Keep the melting assertions, tucked, and managed.

JW Francis / Illustration: Miles Wintner

JW Francis loves life. Well, at least that’s what we take out of his music. How can you be so cynically positive about life’s lyrics, without really being such a case? The perfectness of his bedroom-pop style is the sultry uplift that anyone can appreciate. With jangly-style casts of shade spread throughout.

Born in Tulsa Oklahoma, raised in Paris, France, and now based in New York City, JW Francis brings a warm, affable vibe to frigid New York. After putting in his time supporting other artists—running a music magazine, Rare Candy, and a recording studio, CU Records—Francis set off to make art of his own, imprinted with a genuine love for others.

Keep the fire burnin’ JW. Burnin’, we say.


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