K. L. Mazlin ‘Middle Ground’ : Lost in that grey area between the buzz of youth and middle aged back pain.

K. L. Mazlin

K. L. Mazlin follows up the foray in 60/70s inspired singer-songwriting with a smooth, laid back piano driven track called ‘Middle Ground’. An ode to getting older, ‘Middle Ground’ evokes the feeling of being lost in that grey area between the buzz of youth and middle aged back pain.

KL’s timeless songwriting and knack for chord progressions is a true nod to his Beatles’ influence, but also features tasteful instrumentation and clever transitions. The recording once again features the performing, recording and mixing by Ryan Strathie (Holy Holy), bass by Luke Hodgson (Angus and Julia Stone, Meg Mac, Megan Washington, Goyte) and mastering by Matt Redlich (Ball Park Music/ Husky).

KL draws influence from classic arrangements and harmonies of the 60’s and 70’s, underpinned by a singer-songwriter feel which is driving the selection of tracks holistically. Pushing his part time pessimism aside, KL has received encouragement from the producer, good friend and bandmate, Ryan Strathie (Holy Holy), who is not only an incredibly versatile drummer, but also has an amazing ear for arrangements.


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