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K Zorro // Just Rese // Iviwe // Roman The Cartoon // Muyinza

K Zorro – Appetite

London based K ZORRO is a creator of the 3rd kind. The deep and rooted single ‘Appetite’ is a perfect example of his lyrical expertise. And when at the edge of the Universe, KZ puts it up a notch with tight overhangs of crisp rhythms, on top of sounds that pulls our memories of our bester-years. The future seems bright in his lyrics, and the positivity is flavored by gumption and attitude, which we love listening to. Throwback feel, with contemporary fissures of fire is a great combination which KZ produces in his singles.

Just Rese – Yes

JUST RESE (Tyrese Johnson) is here and will be with us for a long, long time. What a good time ‘Yes’ is. The emcee’s elemental style transforms and combines rap with an x-factor that is hard to describe. The layered lyrics, along with the conversations, pull together the ‘at your face’ live aspect of life and its quirky offerings. It’s an example of what JR sees in the world, and how he interperpates them. ‘Yes’ is a danceable song of reluctance, acceptance, and a shout out to situations that are both delicious and awkwardly ‘horrendous’. Told you. It’s a style that is subtle and obvious. You should dig.

Iviwe – I Can’t Stand

South African rapper/artist IVIWE makes beats that chill in ‘I Can’t Stand’. When things are not going your way, you can listen to this single. It’s about betrayle, missed opportunities, changing of the guard, turning a new leaf, and becoming stronger as you go through life. Things just don’t go the way it should. But it’s not written in stone, where, when, and how you’ll stand tomorrow. IVIWE is the solo project of Iviwe Nofatyi. And keep listening.

Roman The Cartoon – Cruella De Vil

‘Cruella De Vil’ is a trip down a rabbit hole of your truth. Or in this case the un-truth you must discover and expose. The best way to solve a challenge is to show it to the heat. Featuring artist WHITE, combines a wide range of emotions throughout the single, rapping and singing with personal incantations and promises of being better self-aware. But just like how things are, ROMAN THE CARTOON’s lyrics are a mix of the absurd, which relate to a lesson in reality. And that’s where RTC lives, and it’s charming to be sure. “The chorus is about having sex with a witch. I just feel like witch sex isn’t talked about enough in modern music and it’s time for a change. People say Roman you’re such a brave activist and I say hey, I’m just doing my part. Are you doing yours?” Dry humor to the core.

Muyinza – L.T.B.

Born in Uganda, raised in Ontario Canada, and now pushing his musical career deep in Los Angeles, the unique rapper/producer makes it known right away to the listener that he’s no ‘one trick pony’ with his arrangements. ‘L.T.B.’ is a perfect example of a song that mashes multiple genres, into a seductive and delicious dance palace. The delectable rhymes, framed by accented percussions, secure itself in your mind. The catchy hooks, destroy ulterior notions, and set in place new and exciting formats. “It’s been a long journey to arrive here but every bump in the road came with the knowledge and lessons I needed to be able to do this properly and sustainably,” stated MUYINZA. “I feel like I’ve been on the sidelines training for years and for the first time, I’m ready to enter the game. I’ve put in my 10,000 hours and I’m absolutely in the best shape i’ve ever been in to take it to the next level.” Now it’s time. In 2019, he’ll be releasing his album ‘First And Forever’.


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