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Kabwasa Shares ‘Minorities’. “Stir Something. In Your Soul. Have Fun.”

The new single from KABWASA is ‘Minorities’ off of his upcoming EP ‘Louder For The People In The Back’.

“This song is meant to be a sort of fun high tempo track with a message behind it.” Profound statement from KABWASA, right? Actually in a way, IT IS.

Listening to music is about stirring ‘something’ in your soul. Whether we’re built that way, or not, the consecutive arrangement in levels of sonic waves, have a way of doing something to us. And that’s Exactly what KABWASA has done in this single.

The primary mission is complete.

The L.A. based hip-hop artist is a college student doing his music thing with a kind of clean pallet of musical colors that we very much dig.

He’s mentioned that there is message within this single. But it’s about what YOU have within your head, your heart, which will determine the ultimate reaction.

Calculate right.

Proof the long divide.

All can come together.

“I like to mix my old school flow with modern wavy yet up tempo type beats as you can see in my recent releases.”

You sure do, Kabwasa. You sure do.



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