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Kae Astra // Bijou Bijou // HATT // The Undercover Dream Lovers // Kid Nobody

Kae Astra – Grow

On November 1st, Kae Astra drops her debut EP ‘Fortune’ via Modern Outsider. About ‘Grow’, Kae told PopMatters: “The lyrics reflect the transformation many experience in suffering of expecting some outside force to give us the permission to heal, only to realize the only thing that can help us heal is ourselves. Through suffering, we deepen our well of empathy and experience in life. This allows us to open up to our highest potential in life. We become whole when we heal our deepest wounds.” We’d said: “Her moody dream-pop synth extravaganzas, drift along that giant mangrove covered river of thoughts, and meander with pride. Kae’s cosmic vocal attentions, waft in solitary strength. Her debut EP ‘Fortune’ is a collaboration with Walker Lukens and Curtis Roush.

Bijou Bijou – Feeling Bad

Bijou Bijou tells it like it is. “‘Feeling Bad’ raises the middle finger to all of the f***boys who have led her on, wasted her time and been disrespectful of her emotions but lets the listener know that sometimes “its easier to seek false validation than it is to correct one’s own issues and insecurities” and “that’s okay for now”. Born to a German mom and Greek dad in South Africa, it’s that special mix that gives her the edge. And that ‘edge’ is where Bijou Bijou lives and thrives in her musical decisions. Subject matter derivatives, worry her none, as the valedictorian vibes shimmer up against that seminal vestige of guarded hearts versus the world. But it’s not of secrets and personal derisions. Nay. It’s just Bijou Bijou, saying it to your face. Pop and art, combine to cut you slow and deep in ‘Feeling Bad’. Bleed, yo.

HATT – Lay Down

If you can get down to 90s garage house with a dash of indie-pop than French duo HATT is perfect for you. On ‘Lay Down’ they mix old school vibes with modern sonorities. With powerful beats and catchy vocals, ‘Lay Down’ is as hot and groovy as cold and aggressive. But it sure toasts your buns in that HATT method. And you love it. It’s warm, vibrant, colorful, constant, loving, caressing. It’s her touch. It’s his kiss. Decadently riveting and nailed to your personal emotion, it sings with subtle viciousness and keen-ness. ‘Lay Down’ was mixed in New York by sound-engineer Ariel Borujow (Kanye West, Madonna, and Mac Miller). It’s out this month on Kitsuné Musique.

The Undercover Dream Lovers – Plane Ride

Los Angeles-based band The Undercover Dream Lovers, the brainchild of Matt Koenig. “Plane Ride” is a sneak peak at The Undercover Dream Lovers debut full-length album It’s All in Your Head due in early 2020. Said Matt: “The ‘ride’ is a metaphor for life, and the plane crashing represents death. I wrote the verse before going on tour and it was about me feeling caught in the distractions of life, but wishing I could just admit I might not have wanted those things in the first place. The inspiration for the rest of the song came after tour. We were on the road with the band Her’s who were in a fatal car accident before our last show. ‘Plane Ride’ was the first song I worked on after returning, and my mind was still consumed by the loss. It felt personal for me to keep the first verse.. it represented something before the accident, and really paints a picture about how what you may think is important can change in an instant.” Originally from Pittsburgh, Matt has never signed with any label, navigating his career completely as an independent act. The band has supported STRFKR, Parcels, Her’s, and L’impératrice and is scheduled to play the 2019 Tropicalia Festival on November 10. Before that see them next @ Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles on December 31st, as well.

Kid Nobody – Ms Stress

Bandmates Michael Wilson and Jesse Carmichael have sustained a long history of creating genre-bending music, most notably joining forces as founding members of Wildcat! Wildcat! (Neon Gold Records, Downtown Records) and scoring the feature film Fallen Stars (Gravitas Ventures). Michael’s elusive vocals and sincere arrangements come to life atop the scaffolding of Carmichael’s meticulous beats and sophisticated production. Emerging as the natural outgrowth of their previous endeavors, discretion explores an aesthetic that is neither happy nor sad, chill or upbeat, but finds its place in the unique conversation between indulgence and restraint. Surveillance of life is here Kid Nobody’s sound reminds us of. It’s that flight in our dreams, we take over and over; looking into the chimneys of our homes, seeking, for a moment, the black soot of it all. But take a moment and pull away from the micro view and expand, outside of your comfort zone. You see the largeness and the big potential of the horizons. We have that control – if we deem it ours. ‘Ms Stress’ is a relational demarkation of such strife and challenge. But overcoming is up to us individuals. Kid Nobody’s consuming style makes it alright to go forth, with confidence, with strength.


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