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Kai Nanfelt Shares ‘Remember What I Said’. Serenades Built For More.

Our attention for KAI NANFELT’s single ‘Remember What I said’ came from Kai’s vocal work on the second verse, when his idiosyncrasies made his voice sound like a country singer, waiting for his lover from afar. From then on, we didn’t think of this single as a radio pop ‘John Mayer-esque’ promenade, but a genuine push by a young talent gushing towards where his true feelings can be shown in his music.

When listening to Kai’s other publications, it seems to be where he wants to be. With pop-R&B mixed in with a healthy scale of indie-pop guitar jazzy serenades for the next millennium.

But listening to ‘Remember What I said’, we think there’s another layer that we’d not seen from Kai, yet. It’s that deep and soulful entertainer we see him today, but with a darker depth of music that maybe, even he doesn’t know he can ignite.

In this single, from that one note – an inflection from his vocals – we felt we heard something else.

Not sure if we’re right, but if we are, it won’t be soon enough when we can experience the growth and evolution of Kai’s lyrical and expressional skillz.

It’s a start. A great start.

Let’s see how things go.

Kai’s debut EP ‘Arrows’ is available now.



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